Best Service platform for bizdev

Put customer service at the heart of organization and it helps for service related software. Also helps businesses focus on the customer.


Straightforward Project Management Platform

Plan your project activities, assign and monitor works, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done on time.


Convert the complexity of CRM into a to-do list

Reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel. FieldSale software helps businesses of all sizes close more deals the smarter way.


Crafted to Build a Happier Workforce

A unified HR platform for a seamless employee experience and you can deliver exceptional digital HR experiences to your employees.


Exploit the craft of survey creation

Get access to people powered data, at scale and in real time. Discover insights and new ideas to drive your business forward.


Package Booking Agent

You can directly assign to your Delivery Partner's Deliveries. It saves your time and improve the efficency of your delivery.


More frequent Last Mile delivery App

Real-time last mile tracking on a map interface, which can be shared with Shipper and Electronic proof of delivery which is recorded for each packages.


Same day delivery with uberfication

You can deliver order on same day with real-time tracking on a map interface, which is also shown on shipper side.


Customer Booking App

Choose your delivery and set your location. You'll see our deliverer's picture and location details and can track their arrival on the map.


Delivery Center Management App

Admin can monitor and manage Delivery Centre Operations, Route Monitoring, Real-Time Tracking and Field Data Capture, Delivery Package Status and End to End Tracking


OTT Streaming Platfrom

TundraPlay is a streaming version of Tundra, at which one can stream their content directly to end users with VAST Ad serving platforms on Web, Android and iOS devices.


Distribute the movie over the network

TundraWatch involves in the distribution of movies over the network via Distributors and Retailers. TundraWatch uses same techniques for encoding and encrypting the contents.


Cloud Based Construction Project Management Software

CivilCloud contains Task Management, Field Force Automation, Helpdesk & Ticketing, Document Management, Digital Inspection Forms, Inventory Management, Analytics & Reports, Building & Health Monitoring


Online Examination Platfrom

We made conducting exams easier. We have solution for all your needs related to online examination. we are provides solution of Scheduler, Multilingual Question Papers, Notifications for exams, QR Code based Attendance.


A Holiday Home Booking App

Trringz is providing a holiday home booking feature and it has become easier for users to plan and book a vacation.