Finance Application Development

conducting ongoing financial operations, reconciling cash workflow

Finance and banking vertical is a mission critical but yet they are very enticing domain. B2L works with ASPs and ISVs, thus, specializing in finance and accounting software development. Till date, we have worked for various institutes and banking sites to develop and deploy the comprehensive accounting and finance software solutions. These mobile solutions include processing of a multitude of transactions, conducting ongoing financial operations, reconciling cash workflow, easily keeping track of assets and liabilities especially when data needs to be consolidated from across various offices and affiliates.

What we do in Finance & Banking Solutions?

  • Accounting and Finance Software Solutions and Systems
  • Intricate and Complex Reporting Software
  • Financial Planning Software
  • Analytical Software Solutions and Systems
  • Bug and Issue Tracking Systems and Solutions
  • Easy Integration of various Dispersed Financial

Our Work

A simple to use financial app, smart enough to help Plan, predict and discover vital info about your hard earned, spent and invested money. It tracks all your financial transactions carried out through/using Banks, Cash and Debit/ Credit Cards, in an intelligent and intuitive way by looking into your SMS sent from Your Bank, Merchants, Card swipes etc. It has loads of analytics and charts to depict thus helping you in accurate, informed and fast financial decision making. Its high secured, Highly customizable and its Totally Free.