Facility Management Services

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Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. Facilities management system that works together with your business and allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.

Who we are in Facility Management?

Our Integrated Facilities Management teams consistently increase the productivity of your real estate portfolio by reducing costs, minimizing risk and increasing end-user satisfaction. We drive continuous improvement by harnessing our experience and expertise to bring new ideas and market intelligence to the table. Because we customize our model to suit your needs, we enable you to respond to changing business requirements and give you confidence in achieving your desired outcomes by backing our ability to deliver results.

Facilitycloud: An Atm Facility Management App

FacilityCloud's ATM facility management module helps small and medium ATM facility service providers with complete suite of tech tools to help ensuring high availability, improved customer satisfaction and increased Return On Investment (ROI).

Admin App

FacilityCloud's admin has a facility to monitor and manage the facility from remote or on the move using Android Admin App. Admin has 24x7 visibility into various support issues/tickets raised by the FD engineers and current status of the issue being looked after by the service engineers.

Fd Engineer App

FacilityCloud's FD engineers carryout the inspections of the atms and update the status on their tab / smartphone by filling the customized forms. The data is relayed immediately to back office for timely action thus mitigating risks of failure, thus improving the customer relationship and sustainance of business.

Service Engineer App

FacilityCloud Service engineers gets the alert on the move regarding newly assigned tickets for closure. Service engineers can read the service tasks assigned to them in detail, and can update the status of the work and seek help too. Service engineers also a facility to check the availability of spare parts from local inventory.

Cloud Based System

FacilityCloud is a Cloud based Facility management system with Custom and Plug-n-play Facility inspection and reporting modules. FacilityCloud uses Android Apps and Web Dashboard to manage and monitor your facilities most efficiently and instantly, thus catering high business Continuity.

Atm Facility Management

With FacilityCloud, a business entity can customize their facility management module or use our plug and play modules. ATM Facility Management module is a custom built facility management module to monitor and manage Multi Bank ATM's facility conditions. ATM facility inspection are carried out using inspection (Android) APPs on a Smartphone [separate Apps for inspection agents, service agents and admin] or TAB and instantly available on a backoffice dashboard to help track and manage support issues.

Field Force Automation

facilityCLOUD has inbuilt Field Force Automation tools built over Our Android Apps and Web Dashboard. These tools enable our clients to track, monitor, manage field force and to detail visibility into various details of key performance indicators (KPIs) in a cost effective & efficient manner.

Helpdesk & Ticketing

To mitigate outages in service, any breakdowns and to manage SLAs, CivilCloud provides a Issues and support ticketing system with Helpdesk. It helps the business entities to run their day 2 day operation efficiently and to cater for high availability and business continuity.

Digital Inspection Forms

FacilityCloud gives a unique facility of generating requisite FORMS for inspections based on role description like who is going to fill it finally. Forms are filled at Smartphone APP level by Field Engineer and Service Engineers and other stack holders if necessary.

Inventory Management

FacilityCloud has integrated inventory management system and can be customized to cater for different inventories. FacilityCloud helps our clients gain competitive advantage through visibility and objective decision-making concerning supply and inventory intelligence.

Analytics & Reports

facilityCLOUD HAS COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING SYSTEM BASED ON VARIOUS ANALYTICS. One can export the reports into various file formats like PDF, EXCEL etc and also take printouts.