CloudKitchen Field Management Systems

Streamline your maintenance, repair, and overhaul Kitchen services

We are providing facility for Zomato kitchen centers. We are providing stuffs related to maintenance of kitchen area. Our product will give amenities like attendance of field worker, defect reports, daily inspection reports, preventive maintenance and petty cash solution.

Fieldcloud gives end-to-end workflow & process required for carrying out Corrective Maintenance activities being simultaneously carried out at various facilities located at different locations. fieldcloud enables the corrective maintenance tasks performed to identify,isolate,and rectify a fault so that the failed equipment, machine, or system can be restored to an operational condition with in the tolerances or limits established for in-service operations. Fieldcloud also work for preventive maintenance.


To create an end to end app which mitigates issues of kitchen area and field worker can easily generate defect report and resolved it easily. Also admin panel will helps to admin to manage defect reports and expense operations. Our product will gives amenities to mitigate daily operation of kitchen maintenance services.


FieldCloud enables organizations to manage resources and communicate with field employees. B2L designed and developed an end to end service platform for Zomato called fieldcloud App. field worker can raise Defect report and on approval from respective MEP’s(Zomato's Manager), can go ahead and fix the issue and fill the work report on completion of the activity. The app enables field worker to upload pictures of the broken equipment and substantiate the work completion report with pictures of the job done and the bills of the expense. It helps in higher account ability and mitigate the risk of leakages. Defect report and work report both are geofenced hence has to be carried out at location. As proof of job, digital signature are captured and immediately available at backend webconsole for the concerned MEPs.

Better United

B2L’s Field Service Management solution makes your operations more transparent and efficient for your team


Routes the work to the concerned field staff and access to 360 degree view of the entire field operations

Field Worker

carry out preventive and corrective maintenance and fill forms using mobile app and submits the defect reports


get expense reports and manage petty cash using fieldcloud app


Sees reports across various services as well as access to monitor all the operations

CloudKitchen Modules


Fieldcloud attendance software that provides real time motioning and tracking the Employees. Employee can punch their attendance on mobile app, they can check-in and check-out based on Geo-fence. Employee can enter their daily activity in Timesheet and also they can apply their Leave and Hourly Permissions. Organization can now easily manage their employees attendance through our centralized attendance system. which can automate all their attendance keeping tasks.

Defect report

The purpose of a defect report is to state the problem as clearly as possible so that developers can replicate the defect easily and fix it. FieldCloud mitigates the issues of defect reports paperworks on sites. Our app enables field worker to upload pictures of the broken equipment and substantiate the work completion report with pictures of the job done and the bills of the expenses with digital signature. FieldCloud helps in higher accountability and mitigates the risk of leakages. Defect report and work report both are geofenced hence has to be carried out at location. As proof of job, digital signature will captured and immediately available at backend web console for the concerned Manager (Admin). Defect reports procedures divided in different stages such as Open, Approval, Completed, Rejected and Closed.

Daily Inspection Report/Preventive maintenance

Daily Inspection Module built to help small and large organization with their site inspection reporting process. Using FieldCloud, field worker can regular Inspections Site and Keep the product running at optimal levels by making you aware of any maintenance or repair needs. FieldCloud Improve the quality of products by analyzing inspection results to address root causes. FieldCloud gives some question about inspections and field worker can gives answer in yes or no so its easy also for field workers. With admin panel, any organization can mitigate the issue of daily inspection. Make the Inspection by paper or Excel, can easily use the mobile application to inspect any equipment effectively.

Petty cash

Petty Cash Management is one the most trickiest part to handle when it comes to disbursement of cash to remote field worker and then bringing the account ability of the rightful expenses by tracking the entire process right from requisition to expenses to closure. FieldCloud brings in a seamless process with the help of features built into its field worker field Mobile apps where in entire thread of petty cash management is tracked stage by stage and monitored for any leakages. The FieldCloud app provides a cumulative dashboard for petty cash management, where in daily accountability of each stage is monitored by concerned authorities . Even field worker has a historical log of various stages of movement of requisition to allotment of funds to expense and submission of bills to till final closure. The reports give a exact picture of the on ground situation and helps in deciding as to how much money is needed , being spent and is it going in right direction or is there been any anomalies.

Top Features

Digital Signature

Customers sign off service and work completion directly on a smartphone or tablet


All operation will complete under geofenced such as defect reports and attendence check in-check out

Scheduling & Dispatching

All field staff’s schedules across the day/week so you can assign work more efficiently

Service To Invoicing Handover

Provision of multiple upload of the pictures of invoices